BT Retirees Day at GES Ltd, 17 July 2015

BT retirees GES

I was really pleased to be able to join former employees who had worked at the Satellite Earth Station when it was under BT.

GES Ltd, who now own and manage the site, hosted the afternoon and we were given a tour of the facilities as they are today. Some amazing views of this iconic 1960’s designed complex, mingled with modern developments and additions.

Thank you to everyone I spoke to for sharing your incredible stories about your lives and time at Goonhilly Satellite Station – it was a real privilege.

Sara Bowler

gate from btm of tower GES

Main gate from the former control tower

former control tower GES

Former control tower

gate from tower GES

Inside former control tower today

control tower panel GES

Info panel on Arthur and Tristan

dish from tower GES

View from control tower over part of the site

fuses power GES

Fuses = Power

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