Village Green Society Lectures & Workshops

This is the information for the programme which ran in locations on and around the Lizard from 5th Feb – 30th April. To check out the programme for the Gathering on the 18th May click here.

Camera Obscura Workshop, Saturday 27th April, 10.00 – 16.30, Trelowarren & Goonhilly Downs
Led by artist Oliver Raymond Barker, the workshop gave a theoretical introduction to the Camera Obscura and lens-based practices, whilst also providing the opportunity to build and experience being inside a projection device.

Image courtesy of Oliver Raymond-Barker

Afternoon Talk, Tuesday 2nd April, 14.00 – 15.00, The Museum of Cornish Life, Helston
Artist Beth Emily Richards has been commissioned to work The Museum of Cornish Life to create a performance which will take place at The Gathering on 18th May. Beth will discussed her research and work towards this commission and was be joined by Museum Director Annette McTavish and Folklorist Steve Patterson who shared specialist knowledge of the local heritage and customs that have inspired her.

Visualising Wave Forms Workshop, Saturday 23rd March, 9.30 – 12.00, The Happidrome, Natural England Site, Goonhilly Downs

Led by artist James Hankey, this hands-on workshop explored making the invisible visible. It took place in the Happidrome, a secret WW2 radar bunker on Goonhilly Downs and opened with an introduction from Robin Ridge of Goonhilly Heritage Society.

Image courtesy of Mark Whenman

In Conversation, Thursday 7th March, 19.00 – 20.30, Trelowarren Estate, Garras
Ferrers Vyvyan of Trelowarren introduced the history of the Estate, Misha Curson will spoke about The Eden Project’s contemporary art commissioning programme and Artist Sara Bowler introduced the new work she is developing in response to the Trelowarren Estate. Followed by a discussion about the possibilities for exploring landscapes and history through contemporary art.

Creative Writing Workshops, Saturday 16th February, The Museum of Cornish Life, Helston
Stories for a long time ago. Stories for the far distant future. Stories for a long way away. Authorial Illustrator Phyllida Bluemel invited you to bring your Goonhilly tales, or unearth new secrets with your imagination to write new myths for faraway civilisations.

Family Workshop, morning workshop
What would you say to a time traveller? What would you show an alien visitor? What will museum labels say in 5000AD? Learn what happens when a Neolithic stone has a conversation with a satellite and a Post Office opens in space. Trace and translate wiggling radio waves and messages in morse. Create alphabets for aliens and codes for keeping in touch: a morning of cosmic creative writing, inspired by Goonhilly Downs.

16+ Workshop, afternoon workshop
What are the messages we leave behind? Participants were invited to bring their Goonhilly stories and anecdotes to contribute to the Goonhilly Chronicle (a parish newsletter for our local galaxy). Whether historical, personal, second-hand or sheer conspiracy; from the downs to deep space, ancient times to anticipated futures – we wanted them all. Embracing the area’s many-layered history of communication, we played language games, imagining future and faraway languages, and digging up stories hidden beneath the heath (and in the stars).

Image courtesy of Phyllida Bluemel

Lecture Evening, 5th February, 19.00 – 20.30, Lambeage Hall, Coverack
Founding artist Sara Bowler introduced the Goonhilly Village Green project, Robin Ridge from Goonhilly Heritage Society will spoke about the satellite communications history and Naomi Stratton from Natural England shared her knowledge of the Downs.