Ian Helliwell’s ‘Practical Electronica’ at GVG

GVG is chuffed to announce that we’ll be screening ‘Practical Electronica’ (2011, 60 mins) on Saturday 26th September at GVG.

Focussing on the work of FC Judd (1914-1992), this experimental documentary from multi-media artist Ian Helliwell, examines Fred Judd’s activity with electronics and musique concrete during the 1950s and 60s. Although high profile at that time via the soundtrack for ITV sci-fi puppet series Space Patrol, and regular appearances on BBC radio, his work has since been overlooked and slipped into obscurity.
Exploring the innovative career of this English musician, inventor, engineer, designer and author, the focus is on his experimental sound, filling in a lost chapter in early electronic music history. With the cooperation of his widow, Fred’s story is told through cine film, archive footage, animation and experimental video – all materials that Helliwell has a unique affinity with. The documentary has no interviewees, and is rooted in the amateur tape recording world that Fred inhabited during the 60s – narration, electronic sounds and his voice tell the story.
Fred’s work as a radar engineer in WW2 had a direct influence on his research into the visualisation of electronic sound, which he called Chromasonics. The former radar receiver block on the site of RAF Drytree will be the venue for the screening of this unique documentary.
4:30pm in the Happidrome.

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