The Gathering revisited at The Museum of Cornish Life, Helston 27 July-21 September 2019

The Lost Rock Library, Rosanna Martin
Welcome (Sent Forever), Beth Emily Richards with Daisy Higman, Hum, and Chris Mayoh

If you missed The Goonhilly Village Green Gathering back in May, the Museum of Cornish Life, Helston, is offering a second chance to see some of the artwork created especially for the day. 

Beth Emily Richards, who worked with the Museum’s collection, drawing inspiration from the floral motifs, rhythms and rituals of Flora Day to make her work, will be showing video documentation of Welcome (Sent Forever).  A collaboration with Daisy Higman, Hum, and Chris Mayoh, Welcome (Sent Forever) that took the form of a choral performance at solar noon offering a welcome to both earthly visitors to the Gathering and to any extraterrestrial audiences listening in! 

The Goonhilly Standard, Elizabeth Masterton
James Hankey, Still from ‘We are a satellite’

Spread out across the Museum will also be James Hankey’s film work We are a satellite, The Goonhilly Standard created by Elizabeth Masterton, the remaining collection of Rosanna Martin’s Rock Library and copies of Phyllida Bluemel’s Goonhilly Chronicle to take away and enjoy at leisure.  Alongside the works will be information and photographs of The Gathering, as well as some of the artefacts and tools that the artists used in the making of their work. 

The Museum of Cornish Life is open, Monday – Saturday, 10.00 – 16.00, admission is FREE.

Phyllida Bluemel ‘The Goonhilly Chronicle’

Dear Goonhilly Chronicle

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