HAPPIDROME photo archive on Flickr

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Before Goonhilly Village Green, there was HAPPIDROME, an experimental artist-led project, located on Goonhilly’s National Nature Reserve on the disused site of the WW2 radar base, RAF Drytree. From 2007-2010, over a series of four events, Sara Bowler and Elizabeth Masterton worked with the support of the team at Natural England to present new work by invited artists in the 50+ extant radar buildings, on the wider NNR and online.

We’ve updated the Happidrome archive photostream on Flickr, with extra images from all four outings of HAPPIDROME, plus historic photos of the site. Visit our Flickr photostream to view this comprehensive photographic record of HAPPIDROME 2007-2010. If you have any of your own images from HAPPIDROME 1-4, please get in touch. We’d love to add them to the archive.


Images [top to bottom]:
Steven Paige: ‘Radio Club’, HAPPIDROME 1
Bruce Davies: Detail from ‘Cut/Stack/Burn’ archive, HAPPIDROME 2
Zierle and Carter: Performance still from ‘In Search of the Other’, HAPPIDROME 3
Sara Bowler: ‘Goonhilly Taskscape’, HAPPIDROME 4
Kate Ogley: ‘Songs of Displacement. HAPPIDROME 4


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