The Goonhilly Nag and rush weaving with Miraclewood Outdoors

Goonhilly Village GreenGoonhilly Village GreenGoonhilly Village Green

The Goonhilly or Gunhilly Nag was a native wild pony which is now extinct. Legend has it that the Cornish giant Anthony Payne rode his Goonhilly colt Samson into battle during the Civil War. The wonderful Sarah Henn from Miraclewood Outdoor created a life size pony made from local willow which visitors helped create during the day. Look out for this miraculous beast roaming the Downs between Gunhilly and Kuggar this autumn…


Sarah’s workshop also included the weaving of corn dollies from local soft rushes.

B & W Images: Steven Bond /
All other images: Artur Tixiliski /

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