Chris Rowe talks about Goonhilly’s telecommunications heritage


Chris Rowe is a former employee of BT, who started work at Goonhilly at an Apprentice with the Post Office in 1975, enjoying a long and engaging career until his early retirement in 2007.

Chris will be making an exciting announcement from a group of former employees and interested parties, which encompasses protection and use of the history of the site and those who’ve worked there, in a way to reach out to the communities it’s served in the past and hopes to in the future. A vision of extending this reach will also be covered.

He will also be on hand during the day to talk about some of the telecommunications components on display in the Village Hall.

Meet outside the Village Hall, 10am & 2pm.

Image: Antenna number 1 under construction, circa 1960. Copyright BT plc

One comment

  1. John Knight

    I also worked there in the early days of Telstar and built part of the receiver equipment in the turntable cabinet now sadly all gone

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