Liminal: Transient Parish

transient_parish_tower_modelGoonhilly Village Green is delighted to announce further details of Liminal’s newly commissioned artwork.

Since 2013 Liminal have been making work that explores the relationship between sound and territory. Parishes –territories defined by the earshot of a bell– have formed a central part of this investigation. For Goonhilly Village Green 2015, Liminal will be imagining a temporary Parish by erecting a bell tower  on the Village Green. The sound of the bells will both punctuate the passing of time and form an acoustic substrate to the temporary community that gather for the event, offering protection and a sense of belonging to those within the bell’s acoustic horizon.

Standing 6m tall, the tower itself is a 1:10 scale model of the radar receiver towers that once stood on Goonhilly Downs. In this way Transient Parish meditates on the way in which towers have evolved in both form and function while so often retaining an imperative to act as a means by which we human beings can reach beyond ourselves. Whether we try to reach God by building towers that reach into the sky, or we use the sound of bells or radio signals to extend this reach, towers have consistently represented our quest for knowledge while also symbolising spiritual hubris. The Goonhilly Downs are a rich site in which to be exploring this theme. In addition to the iconic satellite dishes of the Goonhilly Earth Station, the Dry Tree menhir located very close to the Village Green site forms another point of departure for Transient Parish. The menhir stands as an early manifestation of the human desire to reach beyond the constraints of our bodies, touching the sky and projecting our imagined influence beyond the confines of the earth. The Dry Tree menhir also forms a central point where the boundaries of the five surrounding parishes of St Keverne, Mawgan­in­Meneage, Cury, St Martin­in­Meneage and Ruan Minor all meet. For Goonhilly Village Green, children from each of these parishes will compose the peals that will sound throughout the day on the five bells in the tower representing each parish.

transient parish_sound_lifting

The Transient Parish tower will be built in collaboration with first and second year architecture students from Falmouth University who will also be supporting the delivery of an education workshop devised by Liminal, for five schools within the Keskowethyans Multi-Academy Trust. The bells have been kindly loaned by St Mary’s Church, Penzance.





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