The Village Green Society Lectures: Dr Caitlin DeSilvey


Dr Caitlin DeSilvey is a member of the Environment and Sustainability Institute at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus and Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Science at the University. She is a geographer whose research explores the cultural significance of material change. Ruination and ‘re-wilding’ are her current topics of research.

“Nature conversation and preservation of built heritage are usually assumed to be distinct (if not oppositional) goals,” said Caitlin. “A place like Goonhilly suggests how this can be otherwise—derelict buildings provide habitat for plants and wildlife; a degree of ruination is accepted, and seen to enhance both aesthetic and ecological value. Management of such places is not without its tensions and problems—attempts to improve public access may impinge on both aesthetics and ecology—but these tensions tell us much about our values, and our different perspectives on a complex landscape”

The discussion will take place in the ‘Secret Garden’ on the site of the ruined radar base RAF Drytree.

Time: Meet at the Happidrome 12:05pm for walk to secret garden-discussion begins 12:15pm

Cait portrait

ESI logo

Image credits: Caitlin DeSilvey

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