W.G Hoskin on Goonhilly

W.G Hoskin (1908-1992) was a renowned historian of English local history “noted for his abhorrence of almost everything dating from the twentieth century” (‘An Introduction to Landscape’ Peter Howard, Ashgate 2011). Yet he said of Goonhilly:
“Goonhilly is one of the most marvellous sites in all England. What caps it all is the way that as you approach these immense saucers there are circular barrows-the burial mounds of bronze age men. It is the combination of these burial mounds, four thousand years old and Goonhilly Earth Station which seems to me a magnificent conjunction of the ancient world and the future. Goonhilly is obviously not just scenery; it is pure landscape and as deeply moving as any landscape fashioned a thousand or so years ago. Goonhilly at sunset, with no man in sight, silently listening all the time to the most remote signals. It is a scene that would have inspired Thomas Hardy.” (quote from ‘England in Particular, Sue Clifford and Angela King, Hodder, 2006)

Image: The Drytree Menhir/Goonhilly Earth Station, Sara Bowler

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