The Ghostly Lugger: Writing workshops with Kelly Stevens


Sara Bowler, ‘The Ghostly Lugger of Croft Pasco Pool’ (2009).

“In the midst of the dreary waste of Goonhilly…the form of a ghostly vessel may be seen floating with lug-sails spread…” Come and write your own story and create village characters based on the local legend, The Lugger of Croft Pasco Pool. How did the lugger come to be there?

Join writer Kelly Stevens for a writing workshop based on this Goonhilly folk tale. The workshop is designed to get people writing their own folk tales and to give them ideas and exercises to take their stories further if they want to in their own time. We’ll play with setting, character and plot with plenty of local inspiration, including the flora and fauna of the heath, curious objects provided by the Helston folk museum, and of course, local legends. The workshop will last about 1.5 hours.

Village Green 11am & 3pm

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