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Happidrome 4

Goonhilly Village Green grew out of HAPPIDROME, an experimental artist-led project, located on the site of RAF Drytree, on Goonhilly’s National Nature Reserve. From 2007-2010, Sara Bowler and Elizabeth Masterton worked with the support of Natural England, to present new work by invited artists in the 50+ extant radar buildings, on the NNR and online.

Inspired by the technological pioneering of previous inhabitants, HAPPIDROME was envisaged as a space for free roaming inquiry; a place for artists, curators, scientists, engineers and writers to work together, to experiment, take risks, succeed and fail.

Some of these ambitions were realised, others still remain to be tested, in the pilot for Goonhilly Village Green. There were four incarnations of HAPPIDROME. To see the archive, visit:

Images [from top]: Alison Sharkey, ‘Dazzle Tree’ (HD1); Paul Ridout, ‘A Window in Landscape and Time’ (HD1); Bruce Davies, ‘Space Hopper Travel Scheme’ (HD4); Sara Bowler, ‘Goonhilly Taskscape'(HD4)

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